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The approximate 220 strings on your piano exert about 40,000 lbs. of tension on the plate and frame, and about 600 lbs. of down bearing on the bridges and soundboard.  Seasonal changes in the humidity, as well as normal, decreasing static tension will cause all pianos to go out of tune.  Depending on where you live, seasonal humidity changes, the quality and condition of your piano, and how frequently it is played, it will need to be tuned two to four times per year.  
A regular tuning consists of tightening the pin-block bolts and bench bolts (and rim-block bolts in grand pianos), and a comprehensive visual inspection to determine if additional repairs or adjustments are recommended.   

Regular Maintenance 
Most manufacturers recommend tuning two to four times per year, which may prevent expensive piano repairs in the future.  Depending on your piano's age, current condition, and amount of usage, Mr. Shoffner will recommend a maintenance schedule.  After your first tuning, you will receive a regular maintenance reminder.

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"During the seven years I lived in Pagosa Springs,  Rob Shoffner exclusively tuned my pianos:  a 5' 10" K Kawaii and a 7' 6" JP Pramberger.  He is a delightful person.  His father was a tuner/tech so it runs through the family.  He was always  eager to please me with his tunings.  Pianos can be so temperamental.  Rob regulated my Kawai as it has had plenty of years played.  There was never a time I was disappointed in how my pianos sounded after tuning.  I would highly recommend Rob for his piano services.  I wish he would live nearer to me now."
                                                                                                                                                           - Rada Neal
                                                                                                                                                              Performer and Piano Teacher,